• Marisa Albanese, Partiture per mani sole (Score for Hands Only), 2005, still from a three-channel black-and-white video installation, 3 minutes 20 seconds.

    Marisa Albanese

    Museo Nazionale di Capodimonte

    Naples stands in the shadow of a time bomb, Mount Vesuvius, and the chaotic, colorful city itself is a memento mori. Marisa Albanese’s double exhibition, “Spyholes” and “Grand Tour 2.0,” was a meditation on the passing of time at different scales through the strange wormhole of personal experience under the volcano, a potent symbol of mortality.

    “Spyholes” was introduced by Partiture per mani sole (Score for Hands Only), 2005, three small videos, each framed in a hardback book, that chart blurry spatial paths as pairs of hands move in time to unheard musical compositions. A metronome clicking

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