• Katarzyna Kozyra, Cheerleader, 2006, still from a color video, 4 minutes 30 seconds.

    Katarzyna Kozyra

    Zachęta National Gallery of Art

    Comprising many of Katarzyna Kozyra’s major works in various mediums, this exhibition offered a unique opportunity for a close look at the artist’s oeuvre, while inviting its critical reassessment in the context of present-day Poland. “Casting,” the title selected by the show’s curator, Hanna Wróblewska (the new director of the Zachęta National Gallery of Art), was taken from a new work, dated 2010, in which a gallery space was transformed into a temporary acting studio where viewers were invited to try out for the role of the artist in her forthcoming autobiographical feature film.

    In Poland,

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