• Olga Chernysheva, To Moscow, 2010, mixed-media installation, 32 5/8 x 49 1/8". From the series “To Moscow,” 2010.

    Olga Chernysheva

    BAK, basis voor actuele kunst

    The title of this show, “In the Middle of Things,” reflected that this is where you inescapably find yourself when looking at Olga Chernysheva’s art. But the “things” commanding our gaze and attention are rarely spectacular. “I work quite consciously with unimportant things,” the artist said in 2009, “always drawn to places where an event either has already happened or has not yet begun.” In this way, Chernysheva—who sees herself as a collector of impressions and images in a Baudelairean tradition—uses her camera to record expeditions through the urban landscape of post-Soviet Russia:

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