• John Sparagana, Untitled BTE #6: Afghanistan, American Soldier/Andy Warhol “Flowers” 1964, 2010, sliced and mixed ink-jet prints, oil pastel on paper, 59 5/8 x 44 1/8".

    John Sparagana

    Corbett vs. Dempsey

    At first it’s hard to get past the intricate method of slicing and assembling multiple sheets of paper (ink-jet prints, magazine pages) that goes into John Sparagana’s process. By this I mean that the wow factor—the impressiveness of the works’ labor-intensive craftsmanship and the compulsion to figure out how their matrices are constructed—initially detracts from the actual images. At Sparagana’s solo exhibition “Between the Eyes,” at Corbett vs. Dempsey, more than a few visitors could be overheard quizzing gallery staff about the artist’s techniques. His procedures are too complex

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