• View of “Emil Michael Klein and Kaspar Müller,” 2011. From left: Kaspar Müller, Sans Titre (Boîtes) (Untitled [Boxes]), 2011; Emil Michael Klein, Komposition in Rot, Orange und Gelb (Composition in Red, Orange and Yellow), 2011.

    Emil Michael Klein and Kaspar Müller


    Two artists, two rooms, five works each: Compare and contrast. At first glance, Emil Michael Klein’s series seemed of a piece: a kind of allover (anti-)painting featuring decorous lattices of biomorphic shapes in a retro palette of Day-Glo orange, yellow, and red; color fields connected by an artery-like network of pale lineation. But his canvases—which suggest an odd but joyous marriage of Sue Williams, Brice Marden, and Milton Glaser—were not consistent among themselves. The Basel-based artist painted the two largest (Awenger and Komposition in Rot, Orange und Gelb [Composition in

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