• View of “Perverted Minimalism Nr. 2,” 2011.

    View of “Perverted Minimalism Nr. 2,” 2011.

    Perverted Minimalism Nr. 2

    Galerie Jahn

    If you take the phrase “Perverted Minimalism” at face value, then the four artists in this group show which they themselves initiated—Claudia Djabbari, Hedwig Eberle, Anna Friedel, and Franka Kaßner—are doing something twisted with a classic art movement. In more general terms, they are self-critically questioning an artistic practice that often gets subsumed under the general heading “formal reduction.” Djabbari’s sculptural analyses unmask the inhospitable architectural geometries of modern apartment complexes. Kaßner’s sculptures and mixed-media works, too, have clear political

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