• Pablo Guardiola, “I wish to communicate with you,” K/Kilo, 2011, color photo-graph, 28 x 42".

    Pablo Guardiola

    Romer Young Gallery

    Images of tree-lined beaches, oceanside resorts, and cityscapes limned by blue-water coastlines—these were some of the subjects of “Jet Travel,” Pablo Guardiola’s first solo exhibition at Romer Young Gallery. Rephotographing vintage postcards and pages from geography books, the Puerto Rican–born, San Francisco–based artist juxtaposed these idyllic vistas against a selection of objects and other images loosely related to the idea of travel (a plane, a compass, a souvenir piece of bric-a-brac, an aerial view of the great pyramids) that offered a roomful of miniportals to other places and

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