• View of “Sarah Browne,” 2011. Back left, and front: Second Burial at Le Blanc, 2011. On bench: On Hoarding, Accumulation, and Gifting, 2011.

    Sarah Browne

    Project Arts Centre

    Sarah Browne’s recent exhibition took its title from her work Second Burial at Le Blanc, 2011, which consists of a silent color 16-mm film projection and a glass-domed object identified as a “ticker-tape countdown clock.” The film documents an event staged by the artist in the French town of Le Blanc on April 1, 2011: Local residents carried the clock on a wooden bier, proceeding from the modern Hôtel de Ville or town hall to Château Naillac, a medieval castle that houses a small museum. The film ends with a close-up of the object in the museum, its ticker tape in silent motion. In the gallery,

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