• Liu Wei, Merely a Mistake, 2010, door frames, wooden beams, acrylic paint, stainless steel, and aluminum, dimensions variable. Installation view.

    Liu Wei

    Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum 上海民生现代美术馆

    “Trilogy,” Liu Wei’s largest solo show to date, was an abstract but ambitious exhibition in which the artist presented a trio of major new works. Where his oeuvre previously leaned toward the conceptual, making sly critical jokes about the psychic state of society, the artist’s more recent works possess a dense aesthetic intelligence that represents a transformation in his practice.

    Each in its own room, the three works that made up the exhibition were Golden Section, 2011, Power, 2011, and Merely a Mistake, 2010. In Golden Section, pieces of furniture are enveloped by heavy sheets of metal,

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