• Stephanie Syjuco, RAIDERS: International Booty, Bountiful Harvest (Selections from the A—— A— M——), 2011. Installation view.

    Stephanie Syjuco

    Catharine Clark Gallery

    Having established herself as one of Conceptual art’s most passionate advocates, Lucy Lippard voiced her disillusionment with the new practice’s egalitarian, antimarket aspirations in the postface to her 1973 book, Six Years: The Dematerialization of the Art Object. She wrote, “Art and artist in a capitalist society remain luxuries,” noting how all of the major Conceptualist figures were already selling their supposedly non-object-based work in prestigious galleries. When her book was republished in 1997, Lippard sounded a more optimistic tone, introducing the volume with a new essay, “Escape

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