• Annette Lemieux, Walking on Water Revisited, 2000, water-based ink on canvas, 10' 8“ x 25' x 5' 4”.

    Annette Lemieux

    Worcester Art Museum

    A major midcareer survey, “The Strange Life of Objects: The Art of Annette Lemieux” showcases twenty-four works made between 1983 and the present. The Boston-based Lemieux got her start in New York in the early ’80s, during which time, as an assistant to David Salle, she aligned herself with the young generation of painters and Conceptual artists associated with Mary Boone Gallery and Metro Pictures. Photographically scavenged images and clean-cut geometric forms are common to Lemieux’s nostalgic and often ironic aesthetic. Her chosen materials—ranging from latex on canvas to roofing tiles,

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