• Dušan Vukotić, Surogat (The Substitute), 1961, still from a color film in 35 mm, 9 minutes 36 seconds. From “Surogat stvarnosti—pola stoljeća hrvatske animacije (Surrogate of Reality—Half a Century of Croatian Animation).

    “Surogat stvarnosti”

    Galerija Prsten

    When Yugoslavia emerged culturally from the rubble of World War II, one of the ways it differed from the Eastern bloc was in its embrace of abstraction as its official artistic vocabulary. But around the time Yugoslav abstraction was gaining prominence through groups such as Exat 51 in the early 1950s, the film production studio Zagreb Film began to develop a new narrative tradition in features and animations, commonly called the Zagreb School of Animation. These works often started from abstract impulses, and involved many of the same artists, including Exat 51 members Vlado Kristl and Aleksandar

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