• View of “Monika Zawadzki,” 2011. Foreground: Dan Perjovschi, Think at Have, 2011. Background: Monika Zawadzki, John & Paul & Ringo & George, 2011.

    Monika Zawadzki


    Monika Zawadzki’s fascination with the relationship between amorphous matter and the various forms it takes on was the point of departure for her exhibition “Blackbird.” The vastness and mutability of matter, its transformative potential, and its capacity for memory (new objects and shapes are not free of the traces of their predecessors) are key concerns for the Polish artist. They serve as the basis for her experimentation with hybridity: Only a hybrid visual language, she believes, has the power to mediate the natural hybridity of the world’s entities and creatures.

    The exhibition was dominated

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