• Jacob Hashimoto, Armada, 1999/2011, 724 boats; wood, cotton, painted metal; dimensions variable.

    Jacob Hashimoto

    Studio la Città

    Armada, 1999/2011, is the ironic title that Jacob Hashimoto gave to his 724 sailboats in wood and canvas. Each one hangs from a thread, floating in the air as if it were in a cove ruffled by long, rhythmically rising and falling waves. The work’s title brings to mind the invincible Spanish fleet, destined to invade England in the sixteenth century but repulsed and miserably shipwrecked before it could demonstrate its puissance. Hashimoto’s ships also evoke a different illusion of power, however, the kind a child might feel as he contemplates a flotilla of toys, all the same, so numerous they

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