• Fred Sandback, Untitled (Four-Part Construction), 1981/2011, blue, orange, yellow, and black acrylic yarn, dimensions variable.

    Fred Sandback

    Museum of Contemporary Art, Denver (MCA DENVER)

    Perhaps no artist took more to heart Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s famous dictum “Less is more” than Fred Sandback, who died in 2003 at age fifty-nine. Working with the humblest and most unlikely of materials, ordinary acrylic yarn, he upended conventional notions of sculptural space and substance. MCA Denver paid homage to the American Minimalist with a stunning career survey this fall, featuring twenty of his near-immaterial sculptures as well as four drawings, a painting, and a set of five serigraphs. This is the first time since the institution moved in 2007 to its permanent home—a

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