• Fabio Marco Pirovino, ferrari 1913 (generic solution), 2011, Venetian stucco, chalk plaster, Ferrari lacquer, gypsum, 67 x 108 1/4".

    Fabio Marco Pirovino

    ABBT Projects

    Last year, one of Kunsthalle Basel’s exterior walls was given over to an abstract mural featuring a jumble of black, white, and gray planes. If the work conjured the camouflage worn in the bleached-out cities and wars of the Middle East, another reference, just as politically potent and war-saturated, also asserted itself: Picasso’s Guernica. Fabio Marco Pirovino’s mural had started as a Google reproduction of this work, which the Basel-born artist flipped around and processed through Photoshop, so that its figurative details became flat, graphic shapes. Using a fresco technique, Pirovino then

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