• View of “VALIE EXPORT / Archive,” 2011. From left: . . . Remote . . . Remote . . . , 1973; Gedichte (Poems), 1966/1980; Splitscreen—Solipsismus, 1968.


    Kunsthaus Bregenz

    VALIE EXPORT’s trailblazing work has long been considered central to contemporary art history. It is characterized by her militant stance, her penetrating analysis of society, politics, and culture, and her fundamental belief in the alterability of prevailing power relationships. Provocation, the eternally young artist insists, moves things forward. The results of her practice of resistance are incunabula of feminist art—works such as Tapp und Tastkino (Tap and Touch Cinema), 1968, Aus der Mappe der Hundigkeit (From the Portfolio of Doggedness), 1968, and Body Sign Action, 1970.

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