• View of “Vincent Vulsma,” 2011.

    View of “Vincent Vulsma,” 2011.

    Vincent Vulsma

    Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam (SMBA)

    Vincent Vulsma’s exhibition “A Sign of Autumn” looked like a design shop gone native. The walls of the bare, austere space were hung with tapestries in black-and-white patterns of unmistakably African origin. There were also four plain wooden sculptures (all about two feet in height), making the works Socles a c b and Socle d, both 2011. Each part is composed of pairs of stools, one inverted atop the other: a classic walnut stool designed by Ray Eames for the Time & Life Building in Manhattan and an early-twentieth-century stool from what was then the Belgian Congo. The showpiece of the exhibition,

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