• View of “Annette Kelm and Michaela Meise,” 2011–12. From left: Michaela Meise, Observatory Crest, 2004; Annette Kelm, Magnolia #1, 2001; Michaela Meise, Iris, 2010.

    Annette Kelm and Michaela Meise

    Bonner Kunstverein

    What would happen if a photographer known for her carefully composed still lifes collaborated with a maker of detailed, body-oriented, skillfully balanced sculptures on a joint exhibition? The result turned out to be an empty room on whose spare walls a few images were painted. That’s probably not what Christina Végh, director of the Bonner Kunstverein, had in mind when she asked photographer Annette Kelm to prepare an exhibition in dialogue with an artist of her choice, but Kelm’s collaboration with sculptor Michaela Meise could indeed be described this succinctly. This was the third such

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