• Marcel Broodthaers, Portrait of Maria Gilissen with Tripod, 1967, gelatin silver emulsion on canvas with tripod, approx. 66 x 43 x 24". From “Light Years: Conceptual Art and the Photograph, 1964–1977.”

    “Light Years: Conceptual Art and the Photograph, 1964–1977”

    The Art Institute of Chicago

    For a time, the consensus on Conceptual art was that it had to do with “dematerialization” or “idea”; after a while, though, it began to seem better to read the specificity of Conceptualism through its emphasis on language. But in recent years, there has been a shift away from seeing language as Conceptualism’s distinguishing attribute to what might seem a somewhat surprising element: photography. In the past, there was a tendency to strategically ignore photography’s role as a medium, since Conceptualists often treated the camera as a simple artless recording device, leaving “fine art” photography

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