• Sophie T. Lvoff, Purple Rain, 2011, color ink-jet print, 47 1/2 x 40 1/2". From “Spaces: Antenna, the Front, Good Children Gallery.”

    “Spaces: Antenna, the Front, Good Children Gallery”

    Contemporary Arts Center, New Orleans

    Here’s an intimidating curatorial gambit: a museum exhibition venturing to manifest a palpable web of energy spun by a triad of emerging artists’ collectives. The collectives are located in a working-class, historically black, increasingly multicultural enclave that is literally on the other side of the tracks from the Contemporary Arts Center, which is situated in a well-trafficked touristic business district. From the outset of this project, potential pitfalls for the museum abounded. On the one hand, ideological and class tensions would be there for the stoking; on the other (and maybe more

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