• Paloma Polo, Action at a Distance, 2012, still from a color film in 16 mm transferred to HD video, 19 minutes
    35 seconds.

    Paloma Polo

    Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía

    Posición aparente” (Apparent Position), Paloma Polo’s first institutional solo show in Spain, comprised an approximately twenty-minute 16-mm film transferred to HD video, a series of fourteen photographs, and a book, which together reflected the artist’s interest in twentieth-century scientific expeditions. The topic is not a new concern for Polo, who was born in Madrid in 1983, and now lives and works in Amsterdam. Last year she presented another film, The Path of Totality—Concepts of Simultaneity, 2011, a bustling stream of images, collected from various sources, depicting members of

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