• Bayrol Jimenez, The Roads of Devotion 1, 2011, mixed media on paper, 44 x 291⁄2". From the series “The Roads of Devotion,” 2011.

    Bayrol Jimenez

    Galerie Dukan | Saint-Ouen

    In early 2012, the Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris opened “Resisting the Present: Mexico 2000/2012,” an unexpected selection of work by young Mexican artists that narrowly, although knowingly and playfully, skirted clichéd representations of the country. A skewed idea of Mexico has become commonplace in France, particularly in the wake of the trial of Florence Cassez, a Frenchwoman accused of complicity with a Mexican kidnapping gang. The exhibition included a large-scale wall drawing in mostly red acrylic by Bayrol Jimenez (based in Oaxaca, Mexico, he was a resident at La Cité

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