• Lydia Gifford, Rest, 2012, house paint, clay, gauze, wood, pigment, beeswax, chalk, 50 3/8 x 42 1/2 x 2".

    Jonathan Binet, Lydia Gifford, and David Ostrowski


    The gestural, the provisional, the elliptical, the casual, the specific, the latent; the cool, the warm; the frame, the floor, the wall: Perhaps it is right that this show of abstract paintings (or framelike, wall-supported assemblages or two-dimensional-ish sculptures in the posture of paintings) should invoke so many abstractions and oblique architectural referents. If the three young artists gathered here work in a contemporary language of painting that is familiar—its roots in post-Minimalism, its present in the long, glittery shadow of current abstract painting influenced by photographic

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