• View of “Bucharest Biennale 5,” 2012. Inside: Vesna Pavlović, Search for Landscapes, 2011. Outside: Abbas Akhavan, Untitled Garden, 2009.

    Bucharest Biennale 5

    Various Venues

    The heart of the fifth Bucharest Biennale wasn’t one of the works in the exhibition. Rather, it was a library, unrelated to the biennial, that happened to be located in the middle of Pavilion, a nonprofit storefront art space in the city center. Pavilion was founded in 2004 by the curators and theorists Răzvan Ion and Eugen Rădescu, who are the directors of the space, the editors of the journal Pavilion, and the organizers of the biennial, which began in 2005 as an annual festival for art and photography but has been scheduled to occur every other year since 2006.

    This year, Pavilion’s buzzing

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