• Larry Abramson, 1967 (Ha’Aretz) (detail), 2011–12, oil, crayon, and graphite on newspaper, fifty-two sheets, each 20 1/2 x 16 1/2".

    Larry Abramson

    Givon Art Gallery, ltd.

    The title of Larry Abramson’s recent exhibition “1967” inevitably evokes the Six-Day War, which took place in June of that year. The two works it included raise questions about the ideological conditions that made this campaign conceivable as a national endeavor as well as the implications of the decisive geographical expansion following Israel’s victory. At the same time, thanks to Abramson’s sustained exploration of the tensions between figuration and abstraction as they intersect with the genre of landscape, the show was firmly grounded in an art-historical investigation of the ways in which

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