• Jorinde Voigt, Ludwig van Beethoven/Sonate Nr. 6 (Opus 10 Nr. 2), 2012, ink and graphite on paper, 34 x 55 1/8".

    Jorinde Voigt

    Institute for Contemporary Culture, Royal Ontario Museum

    In June, the Canadian pianist Stewart Goodyear undertook playing all of Beethoven’s sonatas, end to end, in one sitting. This quantitative protraction (in which torrents from the piano seemed to some like a sound accompaniment for Tarkovsky’s depiction of rain) provoked a series of conversations about duration and destruction, and curiosity about the motors that drive the will to capture form. While taking these proceedings as a seed for her drawings, Jorinde Voigt looked instead toward the sonatas’ innere Stimme, the “inner,” or “third,” score between the upper and lower clefs comprising a

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