• View of “Theatre of the World,” 2012. Top: Max Ernst, L’imbécile (Imbecile), 1961. Bottom: Altar in the form of a bird-headed deity, Golan Heights, Syria, Chalcolithic, fourth millennium BC.

    “Theatre of the World”

    Mona - Museum of Old and New Art

    Alternately described as a Bond villain’s lair or a subversive Disneyland for adults, MONA, the Museum of Old and New Art, has been serving up an anachronist’s menu of dismembered culture since opening in 2011. The museum was founded in Hobart, the southernmost city in Australia, by the gambling millionaire David Walsh as a home for his collection of antiquities, artifacts, and contemporary art. Cut directly into a promontory on the Derwent River, the complex resembles a network of bunkers, a museum for the end of the world in every sense. “Theatre of the World,” MONA’s current show, features

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