• David Hall, TV Interruptions—works originally made for Scottish Television, 1971, 16 mm transferred to digital video, color, sound, 22 minutes 15 seconds. Installation view. From “Artist Placement Group.”

    Artist Placement Group

    Raven Row

    The Artist Placement Group (APG) was founded in London in 1966 by John Latham and Barbara Steveni. Until it was dissolved in the late-1980s, APG brokered some twenty placements of artists within various industrial companies and government departments, resulting in works such as Ian Breakwell’s innovative yet controversial films about Rampton and Broadmoor psychiatric hospitals in the late ’70s. Other participants included Barry Flanagan, Andrew Dipper, David Toop, and David Hall. In 1971, Hall made a series of ten TV Interruptions for Scottish Television, which appeared during ordinary commercial

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  • Keith Coventry, Deontological Picture A + II, 2011, pigmented rainwater on jute, wood, gesso, glass, plastic, 741⁄4 x 533⁄8". From the series “Deontological Pictures,” 2011–.

    Keith Coventry


    With “Deontological Pictures,” his ongoing series of monochrome framed canvases begun in 2011, Keith Coventry queries the continued viability both of abstraction and of painting as such. At first glance, this show comprised a series of imposing pictures that recall the brooding painterly fields of Mark Rothko’s late work; upon closer inspection, they were revealed to be made not from paint and linen canvas, from the resolutely ordinary detritus of everyday life. The ten works on view in Peer’s two rooms are actually rectangular, framed sheets of brown jute sacking, each roughly two yards high

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