• Sudarshan Shetty, Untitled (from the show “the pieces earth took away”), 2012, hand-carved teak, acrylic, water pump, 12' x 11' 6 1/2“ x 11' 6 1/2”.

    Sudarshan Shetty

    Galerie Krinzinger

    A man juggles three ceramic jars in slow motion—the action is insignificant, a piece of entertainment. With this video—all works Untitled (from the show “the pieces earth took away”), 2012—Sudarshan Shetty invited us into his exhibition, which was indeed titled “the pieces earth took away.” Only with time did this reveal itself to be the concentrated image of a big theme: death. While the five works in this exhibition were not conceived specifically for Vienna, they together formed an effective rejoinder to the city’s famous “Wienerlieder,” its folk songs in local dialect, which

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