• View of Bojan Šarčević, 2012. From left: She, 2010; Presence at Night, 2010; He, 2011.

    Bojan Šarčević

    Institut d’Art Contemporain

    Bojan Šarčević’s exhibition “L’ellipse d’ellipse” included twenty-six works retracing his path since 1999, demonstrating the breadth and consistency of his multifarious explorations. Sculpture, collage, construction, installation, and film are among the specific means by which he establishes and comprehends form, its connection with materials, the memories it conveys and situations it evokes, and finally the relationship it maintains with space.

    Works from the past few years greeted the visitor in the first room, where She, 2010, and He, 2011, a pair of large stelae sculpted in onyx, polished on

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