• Dor Guez, Two Palestinian Riders, Ben Shemen Forest, 2011, Duratrans, light box, 37 1/4 x 118".

    Dor Guez

    Rose Art Museum

    In Dor Guez’s 2009 video July 13, the artist’s maternal grandfather, Jacob Monayer, declares, “I won’t go into politics.” Jacob, the patriarch of the Christian Arab family that is the subject of Guez’s recent exhibition “100 Steps to the Mediterranean,” nevertheless goes on to recount the conquest of the city of al-Lydd by the Israel Defense Forces on the titular date in 1948—a day when much of the population (approximately one thousand Palestinians, mostly Christians) was forced into exile, taking refuge in and around the Church of Saint George. The area, soon cordoned off by the Israelis

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