• Tula Plumi, Untitled, 2012, spray paint on metal sheet, painted flowerpot stand, 31 1/2 x 9 7/8 x 10 5/8". From the series “Lines and Circles,” 2011–.

    Tula Plumi

    CAN Christina Androulidaki gallery

    In her recent show “Interspace,” Tula Plumi flirted with the duplicity of perception in both sculpture and works on paper. The ensemble was introduced by multicolored upright cylinders, two untitled 2012 works from her “Lines and Circles” series, 2011– , standing against a flat two-tone backdrop: DIY wallpaper constructed with sheets of paper forming the profile of a charcoal mountain on a light-gray background, a blown-up photo detail. The slender freestanding objects, made of metal spray-painted in matte tones, resembled layered rolls of construction paper, appearing more ephemeral than they

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