• David Crook, Measuring the Land (in Ten Mile Inn in Jinjiluyu Liberated Area, China), 1948, ink-jet print, 20 x 20". From “Rural North China, 1947–1948.”

    “Rural North China, 1947–1948”

    Taikang Space 泰康空间

    In today’s People’s Republic of China, little is explicitly Communist, save perhaps the Chinese Communist Party itself. The country’s socialist period is rife with thorny, unprobed complexities, a legacy so fraught and out of step with that of today’s economic ascendancy that it is often completely sidestepped in discussions of China’s contemporary economy and culture. Yet even if its influence may not always be evident, the Communist legacy continues to inform the very structure of Chinese society.

    A recent exhibition of photographs from rural northern China in the period between the end of

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