• Florian Hecker, 3 Channel Chronics (detail), 2010/2012, one of three 7 7/8 x 11 3/4" C-prints from an installation additionally comprising a 17-minute 24-second three-channel electro-acoustic sound loop.

    Florian Hecker

    Sadie Coles HQ | Davies Street

    In previous London shows, sound artist Florian Hecker pursued a kind of sonic sculpture, configuring his speakers carefully in space—sometimes bunched in groups, at others forming irregular lines—in order to precisely calibrate the sonic qualities of each work by creating direct waves of sound. In this way, the stark simplicity of Hecker’s installations, usually a few speakers attached to the walls or protruding from the ceiling, belies the complexity of the sounds his art creates. Subtle is perhaps not the best word to describe the range and volume of noise that occur in Hecker’s

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