• Giovanni Kronenberg, Dato che invecchiare solleva il giudizio dall’impazienza della gioventù (Granted That Aging Brought Forth Good Judgment from the Impatience of Youth) (detail), 2011, whale vertebra, .925 silver, 27 1/2 x 24 3/4 x 13 3/4".

    Giovanni Kronenberg

    Studio Guenzani

    Giovanni Kronenberg is a collector of marvels. In order of appearance, starting from the gallery entrance, there were three sea sponges, a three-hundred-year-old tree root, and a whale vertebra: five found objects with which the artist transformed the gallery into a Wunderkammer. The sculptural presence of these objects was such that they all seemed man-made, blurring the boundary between natural and artificial realms. Chosen by virtue of their formal and plastic beauty and strangeness, these were finds fit for a cabinet of curiosities. The installation was dimly lit, with spotlights. Each

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