• G. Küng, Big Glass Slide, 2013, glass, ink, alcohol, nails, 59 x 47 1/4".

    Dunja Herzog and G. Küng

    Ausstellungsraum Klingental

    Materials and their metamorphoses might have been the casual thesis of “Under a hunch,” organized by Rahel Schelker. This subtle yet convincing exhibition of works by Dunja Herzog and G. Küng (with a singular assist by an elder, Terry Fox, and his classic 1974 video Children’s Tapes) explored Minimalism, both as a movement and as a more general tendency. The artists produced the disparate objects shown by exploring the consequences of bringing basic, even elemental, materials into formal or alchemical proximity. In parallel to this material simplicity, the show asserted a diminutive scale, both

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