• Aurélien Froment, 9 Intervals, 2011/2012, two synched HD video projections, color, sound, 19 minutes 43 seconds. Installation view.

    Aurélien Froment

    mother's tankstation | Dublin

    You can learn a lot watching Aurélien Froment’s videos. The works of this Dublin-based Frenchman have a determinedly instructional disposition, showing and telling about a wide range of unrelated subjects. Consider two of his widely shown previous works: Rabbits, 2009, for instance, is a close-up demonstration of how to tie eight nautical knots—the stages of each nifty technique captured in an accompanying kid-friendly mnemonic device (“Build a well, a rabbit comes out of the hole, circles around the tree, and jumps back into the hole”). In Fourdrinier Machine Interlude, 2010, Froment’s

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