• Jorge Queiroz, Untitled, 2010, watercolor, engraving, pencil, and oil pastel on paper, 29 x 21 1/4".

    Jorge Queiroz

    Fundação Carmona E Costa

    While many artists like to claim that the process is the most important part of their work, this assertion all too often becomes an excuse to disregard its visual quality. For Jorge Queiroz, however, process is the key to the visual power of his work. His drawings appear as collections of marks and traces, mixed with fragments of figuration. The results are richly layered, rewarding sustained examination by the viewer. The exhibition “Debaixo das pedras da calçada, a praia!” (Under the Cobblestones, the Beach!) presented twenty-six works (two of which are series of six pieces each) made between

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