• Norbert Bisky, Pichador (Graffiti Artist), 2012, oil on canvas, 55 1/8 x 43 1/4".

    Norbert Bisky

    Galerie Crone | Berlin

    When he was a younger artist, Norbert Bisky felt he had to deal with his childhood years in what was then still East Germany, or, as he told me recently, to “paint the GDR out of my soul.” His later work demonstrates a broader concern with themes such as violence, death, intoxication, and physicality. In his most recent exhibition, “Paraisópolis,” Bisky made a new and promising turn to a more abstract handling of content and pictorial space.

    Thirteen oil paintings were presented along with twenty-two small watercolors on paper, all related to Bisky’s recent travels in Brazil; he’d also invited

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