• Jikken Kōbō, L’Ève Future, 1955. Performance view, Haiyuza Theatre, Tokyo, 1955. Photo: Kiyoji Ōtsuji.

    “Jikken Kōbō—Experimental Workshop”

    The Museum of Modern Art Kamakura & Hayama

    Jikken Kōbō, or Experimental Workshop, was a renowned Japanese art-and-performance collective of exceptional diversity. The group consisted of five visual artists, five composers (some of whom, including Toru Takemitsu, would later achieve international fame), a pianist, a lighting designer, an engineer, and a music critic/poet—all of whom gathered around the well-known art critic Shuzo Takiguchi, who gave the group its name. From 1951 until their disbanding in 1957, they produced and presented experimental stage performances and concerts of avant-garde music, playing pieces composed by

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