• Pages from storyboard for Julian Józef Antoniszczak’s Jak działa jamniczek (How a Sausage Dog Works), 1971, ink, tempera, and marker pen on paper, open 16 1/2 x 21 1/2".

    Julian Józef Antoniszczak

    Zachęta National Gallery of Art

    Julian Józef Antoniszczak (1941–1987), who signed his films Julian Antonisz, was a cofounder of the famous Studio Filmów Animowanych in Kraków, and known as an animator, a composer, and the inventor of multiple non-camera film techniques, to mention just a few of his creative pursuits. Walking through his recent show in Warsaw, which was the first retrospective presentation of his oeuvre, at times felt like being inside a steam engine. Gallery rooms pulsated to the rhythm of multiple animations and sound tracks accommodated by Paulina Tyro-Niezgoda’s industrial-style exhibition design, based on

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  • Daniel Malone, The Meal of a Diver with Eyes Wide Open (GOOGLE), 2013, mixed-media installation with sound, dimensions variable.

    Daniel Malone

    Galeria Foksal

    Daniel Malone’s show “The Proof Reader/Śledź zmiany” was an insightful study of the mechanisms of translation. Malone has over five years’ experience in editing and proofreading texts for numerous Polish art institutions. The Polish phrase in his title literally means “Track Changes,” a reference to the ubiquitous digital editing tool he uses for this work, as visualized in Untitled (Pages/Strona), 2013. It is a wordprocessing document mounted on foamcore, tracing Malone’s changes to the English version of a famous text, dokumentacja (documentation), written in September 1971 by Wiesław Borowski

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