• View of “Lukáš Machalický,” 2013. Levels: Untitled, 2013. Tables: Untitled, 2013. From the series “Raut” (Reception) 2013–.

    Lukáš Machalický

    Galerie Die Aktualităt des Schönen

    To enter “Raut” (a title that translates roughly to “Reception” or “Banquet”), a recent exhibition by Czech artist Lukáš Machalický, was to become immersed in an ongoing social event. The artist had turned the gallery into a carefully constructed environment dominated by a series of tilted, seemingly levitating tables, which were covered with long, white, immaculately ironed tablecloths. These were paired with a group of off-balance installations, which were vaguely reminiscent of human figures, made of carpenter’s levels, in each case with a long one supported by two shorter ones and standing

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