• Julião Sarmento, First Easy Piece, 2013, 3-D printed sculpture, ABS plastic, wood, chipboard, water-based enamel on glass, ink-jet prints on aluminum, frames, water-based enamel and acrylic on paper, dimensions variable.

    Julião Sarmento

    Cristina Guerra Contemporary Art

    The first thing one saw in Julião Sarmento’s recent solo exhibition was Two Frames (all works cited, 2013), a diptych composed of a black-and-white photograph of Duchamp’s Why Not Sneeze Rose Sélavy?, 1921, and a simple schematic watercolor of Degas’s Little Dancer Aged Fourteen, ca. 1881. Together, these images convey themes that have long been of great importance to Sarmento: the history of art in general and of modernism in particular, and the representation of the female body.

    Inside the first room stood, among other works, First Easy Piece, a sculpture of a young woman mimicking the position

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