• Loredana Di Lillo, Tyrant, 2013, six framed C-prints on aluminum, each 35 1/4 x 28".

    Loredana Di Lillo

    Cardi Gallery | Milan

    A black shape, beached like a stranded whale, was the starting point of this exhibition. Two long, defenseless Mickey Mouse arms emerged from the large, boxy form that constituted the body’s central element. According to a text by Loredana Di Lillo, this piece is meant to recall the famous pose of Jean-Paul Marat in Jacques-Louis David’s painting The Death of Marat, 1793. Half-geometric and half-anthropomorphic, the black shape seems to emerge like a nightmare from childhood dreams—a puppet, a horrible creature, a character from a grotesque video game. It is inflatable and thus a mass that

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