• Gabriel Kuri, .)(., 2013, Dumpster, powder-coated metal plate, stones, 7' 6 1/2“ x 17' 5/8” x 5' 5".

    Gabriel Kuri

    Galleria Franco Noero | Via Mottalciata

    The new home of the Franco Noero gallery is a former factory located in an area that once housed mostly light industry and is now being converted into a cultural hub. The work of Gabriel Kuri, while not site-specific, is completely in tune with the gallery’s architecture. This was apparent in, for example, Punto y línea en paisaje vertical (Point and Line in Vertical Landscape; all works 2013), which established a natural correspondence with the large square windows across from it. This massive wall drawing is a blowup of pages from a school notebook, with two boulders affixed to it, as if

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