• Felix Schramm, Accumulator 1, 2011–12, drywall, wood, metal, filler, polyurethane, acrylic paint, soil, glass, 98 3/8 x 109 x 54 3/8".

    Felix Schramm

    Galerie Max Mayer

    To encounter the new work of Felix Schramm is to go down the rabbit hole. His latest exhibition, “Accumulation,” consisted of three sculptures and a number of photocollages, all of which destabilize the relationship between viewer and sculpture by constantly altering scale. Though they represent a departure from Schramm’s previous large-scale sculptural interventions and his less familiar quasi-figurative polyurethane castings, these new works incorporate aspects of both, leaving the viewer uncertain of his or her relationship to the object. Much like Lewis Carroll’s hookah-smoking caterpillar,

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