• Abraham Palatnik, Aparelho Cinecromático (Kinechromatic Device), 1969, lamps, motor, electromagnets, colored lights, acrylic scrim, 46 x 27 1/2 x 7 7/8".

    Abraham Palatnik

    Anita Schwartz Galeria | Rio de Janeiro

    To stand “before a painting without emptying the idea of sculpture”: This is the crux of Abraham Palatnik’s work as described by Felipe Scovino in the forthcoming catalogue for the artist’s recent exhibition in Rio. With this in mind, one can conceive the ways in which Palatnik’s “Objetos Cinéticos” (Kinetic Objects) expand on modernist transformations in the relation between the two mediums. Begun in 1964, the ongoing series uses metal filaments to support colorful abstract forms that are put in motion via motors and electromagnets. Aware of the painted mobiles of Alexander Calder (who exhibited

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