• Pierre et Gilles, Sainte Véronique, 2013, ink jet and acrylic on canvas, gilt frame, 51 1/8 x 38 1/2 x 2 3/8". From “Les Aventures de la vérité” (The Adventures of Truth).

    “Les Aventures de la vérité”

    Fondation Maeght

    The once nouveau philosophe Bernard-Henri Lévy is not only the curator of “Les Aventures de la vérité: Peinture et philosophie: un récit” (The Adventures of Truth: Painting and Philosophy: A Narrative) but also one of its artists, of a sort. Although you won’t find his name on the checklist, perhaps it should be there, thanks to a series of videos for which he asked artists, not all of them represented by works in the exhibition, to read passages of philosophy. In one of the diary excerpts that constitute Lévy’s main catalogue text, he relates how Jeff Koons declined to read the extract from

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