• Heimrad Bäcker, Remnants of Foundations in the Wiener Graben Quarry in Mauthausen, n.d., gelatin silver print, 3 1/2 x 10 1/2".

    Heimrad Bäcker

    Museum of Contemporary Art, Denver (MCA DENVER)

    Visitors walking into the MCA Denver’s Heimrad Bäcker exhibition might mistake it for a group show. With black-and-white photographs, floor-based sculptures, an austere group of prints, and fourteen issues of the journal neue texte, the various components do not immediately suggest the output of a single artist. Little known outside German-speaking countries, Bäcker (1925–2003) produced this complex body of work in two distinct historical phases: first, during World War II as a committed member of the Hitler Youth and the Nazi Party, then after 1968 as a photographer, writer, and editor working

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